Ruian xinwei locomotive parts co., LTD. (the former ruian xinwei vehicle accessories factory) was established in 1997, which is committed to the production, development and sales of filter enterprises. The company is located in the coast of the east China sea China automobile and motorcycle parts production base in ruian, zhejiang province, is a member of the city filter association. The main products of the company are oil filter and fuel filter, with various styles and can be widely used in cars, buses, trucks and construction machinery, with an annual output of more than 6 million. Thanks to the support and love from all walks of life, the brands it owns: XINWEI, OFA, FARADRY, WZTOYO and WEISHIHAO have agents all over the country, and the export countries mainly cover southeast Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East. Company so far has been to pursue the "sincerity" and "effective" "fighting" spirit of enterprise, in order to "scientific production, people-oriented, quality win, keep improving" the goal of objective, the use of advanced sophisticated production equipment and testing equipment, perfect technology, standardization of enterprise management, improve product quality and production efficiency. In the future, the company will further promote the brand strategy, improve brand awareness, and actively expand the domestic and foreign markets. Secondly, in the future, the company will pay more attention to the harmonious development between the company and the society and the environment, increase product research and development, and improve product after-sales service. Actively fulfill social responsibilities and protect the environment. Strive to develop into a leading domestic market, quality filter enterprises.


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