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Company Profile

  Wenzhou Pacot Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2018. Currently, it has developed PKT AUTO PARTS APP, OE database, cross-border e-commerce, and brand promotion department.
  The company focuses on auto and motorcycle parts, provides visual online and offline promotion for auto and motorcycle parts manufacturers, and provides domestic and foreign buyers with a business platform for professional trade docking of auto and motorcycle parts.
  Deeply cultivate the auto and motorcycle parts industry, through the Internet layout of various countries, use VR technology to enter the enterprise, and multi-dimensionally shape the corporate image. The OE database we carry allows domestic and foreign buyers to find the product information they need in the network of different countries, use different languages and different search engines, and quickly connect with the information of the required manufacturers.
  Through the production of industry maps of the auto and motorcycle parts industry, big data is used to help the development of the auto and motorcycle parts industry and promote the brand to go overseas!


Contact: MR.WANG

Tel: 0086-13989711058

Email: 3115116859@qq.com

Address: PKT AUTO PARTS Operation Center, Dongxin Science and Technology Park, Tingtian Street, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province

Website: https://www.pocketautoparts.com