Cross-border electric SUV? Baoneng's high-end brand models complete winter testing

publish_time: 2021.03.05

           In 2021, Baoneng Automobile will launch two new cars.

           Recently, it was reported that the first pure electric SUV model (internal code GX16) of Baoneng Automobile Group's new high-end brand has completed power system testing and winter calibration of vehicle parameters at several extreme cold test bases in Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia. From mid-November 2020 to the end of February 2021, a three-month winter test prepares the car for mass production.

          The high-cold adaptability test is to simulate the usage habits of car owners in an extremely cold environment, predict and eliminate possible operating problems of electric vehicles in low-temperature environments in advance, so as to meet the needs of car owners in low-temperature environments. The high-cold adaptability test mainly includes multiple test items such as low-temperature cold engine starting performance, driving performance, vehicle heating, three-electric system charging and discharging, low-temperature power economy, and electronic and electrical functions.


          During the three-month winter test, Baoneng Automotive engineers conducted GX16 test items at the extreme cold test bases in Harbin, Heilongjiang, Nenjiang, Heihe, and Yakeshi, Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia, including winter calibration of vehicle power performance, and three-electric performance. Winter test, winter calibration of battery thermal management system, winter calibration of body stability control system, winter test of chassis, winter test of electronic appliances and other winter adaptability tests to high-cold environment.

          The field test engineer said that the test data of the GX16 pure electric SUV in the minus 35°C environment have reached the previous design goals, and the extreme cold test and winter calibration have been successfully completed.


           According to the new car plan previously disclosed by Baoneng Automobile, it is expected that the pure electric SUV model codenamed GX16 can match the previously announced luxury BEV model. The new car is expected to launch two configuration models, with a cruising range of up to 700 kilometers and 800 kilometers, 0-100km/ The acceleration time of h is within 8 seconds and within 4.5 seconds, respectively.

         The GX16, the first model of Baoneng's new high-end brand, will be released and sold within this year. The smooth passing of the extreme cold test and winter calibration marks that the product is further away from mass production.


          With the development and popularization of new energy vehicles, the road to high-end has become a trend. According to Ren Wanfu, an analyst in the automotive industry, it is not surprising that Baoneng Motors has launched a high-end brand. Qoros has failed to meet expectations. This is an attempt to break the deadlock.

         In fact, last year's new energy steam market's mid-to-high-end trend has become more and more obvious. Dongfeng Motor launches a new high-end pure electric brand Lantu Auto, BAIC Group has established ARCFOOX, SAIC Group launched Zhiji Auto, Changan Automobile, Ningde Times and Huawei jointly build a new high-end smart car brand, Great Wall Motors exposes its SL high-end project, BYD is also planning high-end Brand.


         According to previous information, Baoneng Automobile will launch two new cars in 2021, one is a luxurious BEV (pure electric vehicle), and the other is a REV (extended range electric vehicle). In addition, there is a PHEV model under development, with a comprehensive cruising range of up to 1,000km.

        Today, Baoneng is accelerating its overall deployment in the core links of the automobile industry, and strives to build Baoneng Automobile into an automobile group with strong competitiveness and international influence in 10-15 years.


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