Expand by 460,000 square meters! Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory is expected to expand and increase production

publish_time: 2021.03.03

        With the hot sales of domestic Model Y, Tesla is again facing severe pressure on production capacity.

        Recently, Mr. Bang learned from the official website of the Shanghai Land Market that a piece of land near Tesla’s Shanghai Super Factory was sold. The land covers a total area of ​​461,142.40 square meters. The permitted industry type is the manufacturing of new energy vehicles. The investment intensity Not less than RMB 14,925/square meter. It is not difficult to speculate that this land will likely be used for Tesla factory expansion.


         Earlier, Mr. Bang learned from the sales staff of Tesla's store that the current domestic Model Y orders have been scheduled to June and July. Consumers who place orders now have to wait about three months before picking up the car.

         This also means that expanding production capacity and increasing production speed have become a top priority for Tesla's Shanghai Super Factory.


▲ Tesla Shanghai Super Factory

         The first phase of Tesla's Shanghai Super Factory has a total construction area of ​​157,000 square meters, and its current production capacity has reached the level of 250,000 vehicles per year. At the same time, Tesla also said that it plans to expand its production capacity to 450,000 vehicles in 2020 to meet the strong domestic market demand for Model 3/Y.


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