Renault 5 prototype car, headlights that will "blink"

publish_time: 2021.02.23



    Once the Renault R5 came out, it amazed everyone with its cute, rebellious and unruly appearance. Coupled with its outstanding performance, Renault R5 was quickly sought after by car fans. As early as 1972, when it was born, the anthropomorphic image of Renault R5 appeared in the famous advertising animation "Les aventures de Supercar". In the "Take the wheel" activities carried out at that time, Renault R5 often appeared. The headlights of the Renault R5 are like a pair of beautiful big eyes that fascinated the French in the 70s. Nicholas Jardin wanted to reflect the sense of futuristic technology on the Renault 5 prototype car while recreating the classic exterior design familiar to fans.



Reinterpret the classic look

    The Renault 5 prototype was officially unveiled on January 14. This future electric model inherits the temperament of the classic Renault R5 and has attracted numerous media reports. There is no doubt that the designers paid tribute to the classic style of the 1972 Renault R5. This prototype is not a simple copy of the Renault R5, but inherits the unique style of the classic R5 and is highly recognizable. At the Renault Technology Center (Technocentre), the concept car and model research and development base of the Renault Group, Nicolas Jardin revealed the start of the project. He said: "When we design this prototype car, there is no room for free play. It’s big, and there are many limiting factors to consider. It not only reinterprets the Renault R5, but also embodies futurism, and can become a car full of technology and modernity."



    Nicholas Jardin said that in the process of redesigning the headlights and daytime running lights of the Renault 5 prototype, all the designs are inspired by the lines, angles and radius elements of the classic Renault R5 front face. As the design progresses In the sketches drawn, the proportions and design of the headlights show a completely different style from the classic Renault R5.

    The final design is excellent, the headlights are well-defined and attractive. The bottom of the daytime running lights is rectangular, reminiscent of the R5's additional fog lights in the 70s. Like the classic R5, it blends with the bumper that perfectly matches the color of the body. Nicholas Jardin said: "These lights have undergone crystal face and 3D processing, as well as precise laser cutting, which perfectly meets the principles of aerodynamics and aeronautics."

Technology pays tribute to the classic look

     Finally, the designers used the latest technology to reshape the iconic appearance of Renault R5. Especially the application of LED matrix technology allows designers to use programming animation to integrate motion, making the headlights lifelike. The flashing sequence of the welcome lights also fully demonstrated the lively movement. The first thing that lights up is the new logo of the Renault 5 prototype, which also triggers a dynamic flashing effect that extends to the front grille. Finally, the headlights also light up, looking like the car is blinking. This naughty wink will definitely give you a unique feeling!



    Nicholas Jardin said: "Because of the use of matrix technology and dynamic effects in the shining sequence of the welcome light, we can reproduce the unique charm and cuteness of the classic Renault R5 appearance."

    Whether in the design of the headlights or the application of technology, from the sketch alone, the Renault 5 prototype has almost nothing in common with the classic Renault R5. However, we can see the shadow of the classic Renault R5 from this model. At this point, the design of the Renault 5 prototype is a success! To inherit the unique temperament of the classic Renault R5, this car must have rich expressiveness and vigorous vitality. Nicholas Jardin concluded: "The Renault 5 prototype has achieved great success, highlighting the modern design, and fully embodying the concept of'Flower of Life' advocated by Renault."


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