Sales outperformed the market for 8 consecutive months, SAIC GM exceeded 1.46 million vehicles throughout the year

publish_time: 2021.01.06


        On the first day of the working day in 2021, SAIC GM handed in its answer sheet for the 2020 exam.

         It is called the "big test" because 2020 is full of challenges for the entire automotive industry. Factory shutdowns, insufficient parts supply, little traffic in offline stores, disrupted product launch nodes, and changing market competition patterns... …

        There are a lot of problems in front of us. SAIC-GM has broken through one level and obtained a report card that matches its strength: 1,467,470 vehicles were sold in 2020, of which the three major brands of Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac sold 926,328, 311,135 and 230,007 respectively. Vehicles. Although SAIC GM's annual cumulative sales data cannot achieve positive growth compared with 2019, the decline has been significantly narrowed and the market share has increased slightly, especially the outstanding performance of the luxury brand Cadillac, which helped SAIC GM to achieve a domestic sales outperform. The goal.

Buick's high-end series are growing at a significant rate, and Cadillac locks first in second-tier luxury sales

        In the data released by SAIC-GM, Cadillac is undoubtedly the biggest bright spot-the cumulative sales for the whole year of 2020 exceeded 230,000, which not only increased by 8.2% year-on-year, but also refreshed the new sales of Cadillac brand in the Chinese market. Record. Judging from the performance of specific models, SUV products have become the sales responsibility. The cumulative sales for the year reached 146,678 units, a year-on-year increase of 27.1%. Among them, the sales of XT4 continued to grow two years after its launch, with cumulative sales of 58,077 units last year. The CT5 in the sedan family broke out at the end of 2020. The sales volume in December reached 6,481, an increase of 100% year-on-year. The cumulative sales volume for the whole year of 2020 reached 45,026, with mid-to-high distribution sales accounting for nearly 80%.

         Cadillac’s 2020 sales performance is prominent among the second-tier luxury car brands. Although Lexus, which has a similar sales volume, has not announced sales as of press time, the cumulative sales and growth momentum of the first 11 months of 2020 show that Cadillac has advanced. Lock the champion of this market segment.

         Through product structure adjustment, SAIC GM has obvious advantages in luxury and high-end models. The results in 2020 have also verified this. In addition to Cadillac's championship, Buick has successfully taken on the responsibility of the entire company to twist and rebound.

       Through rapid adjustment of product structure and promotion of product and technology upgrades, the Buick brand has sold 926,328 vehicles in 2020, an increase of 6.3% year-on-year. Among them, the sales of two high-end brands, Avenir and GS, and the high-end version of the flagship model The obvious growth rate has promoted the optimization of the brand's product structure and sales quality. According to data, the Aivia and flagship models accounted for nearly 50% of the sales of Buick's flagship SUV Angkeqi; orders for Buick GL8 Aivia's four-seater premium edition are in short supply.


8 months of continuous sprint to outperform the market, and the year-on-year decline narrowed

        At the beginning of 2020, when the new crown epidemic forced all car companies to press the pause button, SAIC GM faced a more serious dilemma than other companies. In Wuhan, a first-tier city in the country, there is one of SAIC GM's important production bases. , And a number of parts supply companies. After the epidemic gradually stabilized, SAIC GM only took 8 months to pursue it with all its strength. Not only did the market share rise slightly, but it also achieved the goal of outperforming the market. Why did it do it?

        One key word is "fast". With the gradual control of the epidemic, the auto industry has gradually resumed work and production. The SAIC GM base in Wuhan has also been implemented in the fastest time, becoming the first batch of local enterprises to resume work. Not only the response speed is fast, but also the efficiency is high. After the resumption of work started on March 11, more than 10,000 vehicles and engines were produced in only 20 days. On the second day of Wuhan's "unblocking" on April 9, the Wuhan base successfully completed the export mission of Chevrolet Explorer to Uzbekistan.

        Another key word is "new". After solving the problems on the production side, all car companies are facing the problem of no traffic on the sales side. At that time, SAIC-GM took the lead in moving its sales channels from offline to online, seizing the opportunity of the market to pick up in the second quarter, and focused on launching nearly 30 blockbuster new cars, upgraded and modified models, and all new cars were released using "cloud live broadcast." , Succeeded in draining for yourself. Attention is not enough. How to convert orders is the key step. SAIC-GM has teamed up with more than 1,600 dealers across the country to open up all-round online and offline channels through live broadcast rooms, dealer VR showrooms, and online consultations. Provide consumers with interactive car watching and online ordering services.

         The rapid resumption of work and diversified marketing have pulled SAIC GM out of its short-term difficulties. Since April, the company's sales have steadily rebounded, and since July, domestic wholesale and retail sales have resumed positive year-on-year growth.

New energy and Internet of Vehicles stimulate the next stage of growth, and system strength is the key to customs clearance

       "2020 is the year of SAIC-GM's big car. With the help of new car products, we will increase overall sales while further optimizing the sales structure and continuously improving dealer profitability." SAIC-GM General Manager Wang Yongqing previously interviewed reporters. According to the results, although SAIC GM has experienced the black swan event of the new crown epidemic, SAIC GM has still achieved the goals of "outperforming the market" and "optimizing structure".


        Entering 2021, SAIC GM does not have much time to enjoy yesterday's results. It is already running at full speed toward the new goal. This time, the new goal is still to win. "If the market grows by about 7% to 8% year-on-year next year, SAIC-GM's plan is to outperform the market." Wang Yongqing has a clear goal set for SAIC-GM.

        Judging from the recent actions of SAIC-GM, there are two major growth points in achieving the goal. The first is new energy-in 2020, the sales of Buick's new energy model Weilan family is 16,061, a year-on-year increase of nearly four times. With new energy vehicle subsidies and exemptions The purchase tax policy is extended for two years, and the introduction of preferential policies in various places, the sales of new energy products will increase significantly; followed by the Internet of Vehicles, the popular application of Super Cruise super intelligent driving system, the layout of mass-produced vehicles equipped with V2X technology, and one year Multiple and future OTA upgrades covering more than 80% of its vehicles will help SAIC GM to take the lead in achieving digital transformation.

       In fact, whether it is the product innovation and the new structure adjustment, or the rapid resumption of work, the support for SAIC GM's response to the good and the bad is the strength of the system behind it, which has also become the key to SAIC GM's customs clearance.


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