Nezha Automobile sold 4,015 vehicles in April, up 532% year-on-year

publish_time: 2021.05.02

  We learned from the official Nezha Automobile that the sales volume in April was 4,015 units, a year-on-year increase of 532% and a month-on-month increase of 24%. The cumulative sales of Nezha cars from January to April were 11,458 units, a year-on-year increase of 432%. It is worth noting that the current order of Nezha U PRO, which was just launched at the Shanghai Auto Show in April, has exceeded 5,000 units.


  Nezha U Pro was officially launched at the Shanghai Auto Show that opened not long ago. The new car launched four models: 400 Cruise, 500 Global, 500 Lunar, and 610 Fire Detector. The official prices after subsidies are 99,800 and 129,800 respectively. , 139,800, 159,800. It has product advantages such as the forward-looking design of "self·trust·being", a cruising range of up to 610km, and an excellent intelligent experience.


  At present, Nezha S has been officially unveiled. The new car is based on the Eureka 03 concept car. The exterior is designed with a slippery back and is full of sportiness. In terms of power, the new car can provide extended range and pure electric drive modes. The extended range version has a cruising range of over 1100km and the pure electric version has a range of over 800km. According to the plan, Nezha's flagship coupe, Nezha S, will be launched at the end of next year and will compete with Xiaopeng P7 and BYD Han EV.


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