The war of encirclement and suppression has officially started, how long can Tesla lead the way in ambush?

publish_time: 2021.04.26

  What is the hottest topic in the automotive industry in recent years? Of course it is new energy. What brand has received the most attention in the new energy field? It is none other than Tesla.


  Since its inception, Tesla’s development momentum is obvious to all. It can be said that the global new energy trend has made Tesla, and Tesla has also promoted the development of the entire new energy vehicle industry. In the field of new energy in the domestic automobile market, Tesla's sales performance is very strong, especially after the domestic version of Model 3 and Model Y are listed, sales are rising steadily. Tesla's visibility on the roads in restricted-licensed cities is getting higher and higher. Some friends even teased that the roads in the first-tier cities are now almost occupied by Tesla.


  But what we are really going to talk about today is actually those "rivals" of Tesla. Since the outbreak of Tesla's domestic sales, more and more car companies have "followed and succeeded" and aimed their products at Tesla. From the beginning of the new car-making forces, to the transformation of traditional car companies and entering the market, everyone's opponent seems to be surprisingly consistent, and that is Tesla. The main reason for this is, of course, that Tesla itself is really good enough, otherwise it would not be "the target of public criticism."


  Before this year, there were not many models that could really siege Tesla in the strict sense, but at this Shanghai International Auto Show, we saw a lot of new energy models. In addition to the new car-building forces, there are also a large number of traditional car companies showing off their new energy products, and the Shanghai Auto Show has become a smart electric car show.


  There are many products that are benchmarked against Tesla’s entry-level price range of 200,000 to 350,000 yuan. If the previous siege of Tesla by major brands seemed far-fetched, then today it can be said that the entire automotive industry's siege of Tesla has officially started. Under such circumstances, how long can Tesla continue to lead? At this auto show, what other excellent models have we seen that have the opportunity to pull Tesla off the list?


  Ford Mustang Mach-E that gets an electric shock for the first time


  As early as last year, Ford released and unveiled its first pure electric model, the Ford Mustang Mach-E. At that time, the four seats were indeed amazing. What is even more surprising is that in order to catch up with the electrification trend, Ford did not hesitate to sacrifice its most proud Mustang Mustang brand. You must know that doing so is really a risky move. Once the car is overturned, it may undermine the reputation of Ford's most valued model series, but it also reflects that Ford still has considerable confidence in the strength of its products.


  The domestic Ford Mustang Mach-E is not much different from the overseas version that has been unveiled before. The overall design focuses on sports. The front face adopts the closed grille commonly used in pure electric cars, and the addition of hidden door handles on the side of the car makes this car More technological sense. The full-LED headlights and taillights of the vehicle are very sharp, especially the taillights have very typical Mustang characteristics, giving people a strong visual impact. The body size is 4739/1881/1621 mm, and the wheelbase reaches 2984 mm.


  The central control of the new car is equipped with a 10.2-inch full LCD instrument and a 15.5-inch central control touch screen. It is also equipped with a physical floating knob at the bottom of the screen. At the same time, it is equipped with a new generation of Co-Pilot360 intelligent driving assistance system and SYNC+ intelligent driving infotainment system, supporting L2+ level Autopilot assist function.


  In terms of battery life and power level, the domestic Ford Mustang Mach-E long-range rear-drive version has a maximum range of more than 600 kilometers (CLTC working conditions), and the long-range all-wheel drive high-performance version has a maximum power of 260kW and a maximum torque of 730Nm. In addition, in terms of charging, it is said that Ford will cooperate with Weilai to charge at the Weilai charging pile, which can be regarded as making up for Ford's late entry into the game and the passive dilemma of imperfect charging infrastructure.


  The most important thing is the price. After all, it has the totem of a sports car, but it is only 265,000 with a "conscience", which really enters the range of ordinary consumers will consider. With plenty of space, greater battery life, and Mustang genes, Model Y is no longer your only choice.


  New rivals to seize the parity market: Xiaopeng P5


  Although a large number of new domestic car manufacturers have put forward a confrontational attitude towards Tesla before, in fact, there are not many models that completely overlap with Tesla's price range. The reason is the new domestic power of independent brands. We, either choose low-end and low-price to focus on cost-effective volume, or increase their positioning, and the price is relatively high. And the one that really overlaps with Tesla in the price range is the Xiaopeng brand first. At this Shanghai Auto Show, Xiaopeng is also the only brand among the new forces to release new models, and this car is Xiaopeng's third product: Xiaopeng P5.


  Xiaopeng P5's front face is still designed with penetrating headlights, which is very similar to Xiaopeng P7, but the lights on both sides are not as radical as P7. Compared with P7, Xiaopeng P5 is more conventional. Below is the active air intake grille, which can be closed to reduce air resistance when driving at high speeds.


  is similar to the design of a fastback coupe, with the outline of the double waistline and the hidden door handle, which has a great sense of integrity and layering. In addition, the new car is also equipped with multi-spoke wheels painted in silver and black, which adds a touch of sportiness to the whole car. In terms of body size, the length, width, and height of the new car are 4808/1840/1530mm, respectively, and the wheelbase reaches an astonishing 2768mm. The riding space can be called a leapfrog.


  The tail adopts the popular through-type rear tail light group, and the internal LED light belt also incorporates the X-element shape design, which has a strong degree of recognition after it is lit at night. In addition, the new car is also equipped with an upturned duck tail shape on the trunk cover, coupled with a large area of ​​black trim at the lower part of the rear bumper, making the whole car more sporty.


  The main features of the new car are autonomous driving and technology configuration. The whole car has 32 sensors and 1 set of high-precision positioning unit (GNSS+IMU), the strongest hardware solution in its class, which is 10 more than the complete set of sensing hardware of Tesla Model 3. One can achieve higher-level XPILOT 3.5 autopilot assistance capabilities. In addition, Xiaopeng P5 also has a full-flat design for the front seats to create an extremely large space, and the addition of sleep mode and cinema mode creates a variety of possibilities for the physical space of the smart cockpit.


  In fact, it is not difficult to guess from the more friendly appearance of the Xiaopeng P5. It is positioned lower than the Xpeng P7, which competes directly with Model 3, and focuses on the 200,000-level market, which will undoubtedly have a big impact on Tesla. Moreover, the range also covers most of the pure electric products of joint venture brands and mid-to-high-end independent brands, and it has really begun to spread.


  Domestic brand performance representative: 极氪001


  Some friends are a little confused when they heard that 氪001 is a little bit confusing. In fact, this is the purely electric product of the original Lynk & Co under Geely Automobile, and it is a bit confusing. To put it simply, Krypton is a pure electric subdivision brand derived from the Lynk & Co brand. In other words, all electric models of Lynk & Co, which Geely belongs to, will appear with the extremely krypton logo in the future. It is reported that the purpose of Geely's launch of Jikrypton is to strengthen the Lynk & Co brand while opening up an independent field of segmentation.


  极氪001 is a medium and large pure electric car based on the vast structure of SEA. In fact, it is the production version of the Lynk & Co ZERO concept car, so it also continues its overall shape. The front face is a typical Lynk & Co family design style, equipped with split headlights, the front grille and the far and near lights of the lower half are integrated, forming a visually through design. The bottom front surround adopts a more dynamic shape, and is also equipped with a large-sized front lip, which enhances the overall sporty atmosphere of the vehicle.


  The most eye-catching side of the body is the shape of the hunting wagon. At the same time, the side lines are relatively smooth and elegant. The length, width and height of the body are 4970mm/1999mm/1560mm respectively, and the wheelbase has reached 3005mm. It is worth mentioning that the frameless doors, the front and rear fenders protruding from the body, the raised ribs on the door panels, and the 22-inch wheels, etc., these designs and configurations better strengthen the vehicle's sense of strength.


  The shape of the rear of the car also continues the Lynk & Co’s design style. The roof is also equipped with a wave-shaped spoiler and a through-type LED tail light group, which is cool and highly recognizable when lit at night. The overall shape of the rear enclosure at the bottom echoes the front enclosure, and the detailed design on both sides also enhances the three-dimensional sense.


  极氪001 uses a simple interior design and layout, thanks to the 8.8-inch full LCD instrument, 15.4-inch central control multimedia touch screen, the sense of technology is also in place. At the same time, it is also equipped with a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel, W-HUD ultra-wide full-color head-up display system, ECONYL environmentally friendly racing seat, seat massage, laser real aluminum trim, etc.


  is the main sports brand, and its power and endurance performance are naturally the most concerned. Polar Krypton 001 has two powertrains: single motor and dual motor. The maximum total power of dual motors has reached an astonishing 400kW, and the acceleration time per 100 kilometers is only 3.8s. On the cruising range, there are 2 battery pack capacities and 3 cruising ranges to choose from. The single-motor version is equipped with a ternary lithium battery with a capacity of 100kWh. The cruising range under NEDC operating conditions is 712km, and the cruising range of the dual-motor version is It is 606km.


  After being launched on April 15th, Jikrypton 001 has launched three configuration options with two prices of 281,000 and 360,000. It can be said that it is a more mature product than when Lynk & Co was first launched, and the price is enough to compete with Model Y. The new car will be Delivery will start in October.


  The shining star from Northern Europe: Pole Star 2


  The Polestar brand may still be a bit unfamiliar to Chinese consumers, and the visibility on the road is also very low. Polestar is a new energy vehicle brand under Volvo. Its brand name and core are derived from Volvo's former high-performance brand Polestar. Polestar 2 is the first pure electric vehicle of Polestar. Since its delivery last year, it has gained a good reputation in the global market.


  The shape of the new Polestar 2 is consistent with that of the old model. The front face has obvious Volvo family characteristics. The closed design of the central grid shows the identity of a pure electric vehicle. It is matched with the "Thor Hammer" headlights on both sides of the front. Group, the recognition of the whole vehicle is extremely high. In addition, the enveloping shape under the front face of the car is very sharp, highlighting the sporty temperament.


  From the side of the body, the profile of the new Polestar 2 is relatively compact. The rear of the body adopts a slip-back structure, giving a coupe-like visual sense. With the protruding front and rear wheel arches, it creates a full-featured car. Sense of power. In addition, since the Polar Star brand is a joint venture between Volvo and Geely, its overall model shape is somewhat similar to the Polar Krypton just mentioned.


  The new Polestar 2 is still equipped with the "Viking Axe" taillight set, which looks great when lit at night, and also has typical Volvo elements. In terms of body size, the length, width, and height of the new Polestar 2 are 4606/1859/1479mm, and the wheelbase is 2735mm. It is positioned as a compact model.


  The Nordic people who always value environmental protection, naturally use advanced environmental protection materials as the standard in the car, while adopting an 11-inch high-definition touch screen and a new human-computer interaction system. In terms of configuration, thanks to the cooperation with AutoNavi Maps, iFLYTEK, and Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, it is equipped with a human-computer interaction system customized for the needs of the Chinese market.


  Polestar 2 brand new product series has 3 models to choose from. For users who pursue performance, the Polestar 2 dual-motor long-range version is equipped with a total of 300kW motor drive system before and after, and the NEDC battery life is increased to 512 kilometers. For users with higher endurance requirements, the single-motor long-endurance version of Polestar 2 is equipped with a 170kW single motor and is matched with a 78kWh battery pack. The maximum NEDC endurance is 565 kilometers, which fully meets the needs of users for urban and intercity travel.


  A total of three new models were launched, priced at 252,800 yuan, 282,800 yuan and 338,000 yuan, respectively. The price of the new Polestar 2 was further dropped due to different configurations, which lowered the threshold for buying a car. It has better driving quality and better handling than Model 3, and it will inevitably attract more consumers' attention.


  Luxury brand electric class representative: Mercedes-Benz EQB


  The electric transformation of traditional car companies is in full swing. As a representative of luxury brands, Mercedes-Benz is naturally unwilling to lag behind. At the Shanghai International Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz's sub-brand Mercedes-EQ brought its three new products to Shanghai. Among them, the new EQB pure electric SUV of the Mercedes-EQ family was unveiled and completed its world premiere. It is worth mentioning that the world premiere EQB is the domestic version of Beijing Benz. The design of the new car is very similar to the Mercedes-Benz GLB on sale, only the front and rear of the car have been redesigned to highlight the overall style of the new energy vehicle, and it is also positioned as a compact SUV.


  In appearance, EQB follows the GLB design while still maintaining the characteristics of the EQ series. Not only the design of the front face and the rear of the car, but also the details, such as blue embellishments and through-type taillights. As a new energy model, the specific settings of the front face of the new car have been fine-tuned, using a new closed grille, and optimized design for the headlight group, which looks more technological.


  In the rear design, the new car adopts a new through-type taillight set, which makes the whole car look wider. The Beijing Benz logo on the lower right is the domestic version of the car produced in China. The world’s first launches are made in China, which shows that Mercedes-Benz attaches great importance to the Chinese market, and it also reflects from the side that Chinese manufacturing has begun to lead the world.


  The interior part also continues the Mercedes-Benz family-style design style, using a dual-screen design with a full LCD instrument panel connected to the central control screen. Although it has been seen for a long time, it is still full of technology. In addition, the new car is also equipped with a three-spoke multi-function steering wheel and a design with a front gear, and the overall texture of the interior is quite luxurious. The new car's Nvidia Parker 128 chip, 6-core CPU, 256-core GPU and 8GB DDR4 high-frequency memory will support a complete L2 level driving assistance system.


  The new car and GLB are also built on the MFA II platform, with the longest wheelbase of 2829 mm in its class, and equipped with 7 seats. The trunk volume of the model can reach up to 1,620 liters, which greatly improves the practical expansibility of the vehicle. In terms of power, the previously launched Mercedes-Benz EQB 350 4MATIC has a maximum power of 215kW. At the same time, the new car uses a battery pack with a capacity of 80kWh, which can achieve a maximum cruising range of 500 kilometers under CLTC conditions.


  From the GLB price range of 292,800 to 348,800, although it is estimated that the EQB will be more expensive than the previous cars, its rare practicality and the blessing of the Mercedes-Benz EQ will still interest many people.


  The sign of the full entry of traditional car companies: Toyota bZ4X CONCEPT


  When it comes to Toyota, most domestic consumers will think of its advanced hybrid technology, from the Prius introduced in the early imports to hybrid models such as Corolla/Ralink and Camry Shuangqing. With mature and reliable hybrid technology, Toyota brand hybrids Motor vehicles enjoy popular support in China. However, in the context of the accelerated development of global electrification, Toyota's all-round popularization of electrification has become a goal that must be accomplished.


  At this Shanghai International Auto Show, Toyota brought a full range of electrification solutions. For the first time, it launched the bZ pure electric exclusive series for the world, and the bZ4X CONCEPT concept car was launched globally. Although it is a concept car, due to its very high degree of completion, it can give a glimpse of the basic appearance of Toyota's future electric mass-produced cars.


  The bZ4X adopts the closed air intake grille design commonly found on new energy vehicles, and adds hollow design elements to the interior for embellishment, which has a strong sense of the future as a whole. The headlights on both sides are narrow and sharp, and adopt a shape that rises to the sides, which is quite unique in terms of visual experience.


  Because of the segmented waistline design, the overall line is very sharp, and there are many corner designs, which are quite three-dimensional, and I believe it can attract the attention of many young consumers. At the same time, it also uses a two-tone body design, which looks simple and atmospheric.


  The overall shape is relatively simple, and the addition of multiple flat and straight line elements, and the use of through-type taillights with exaggerated edge corners, make the rear look very layered. In addition, the protruding rear end and the large-sloping rear window form a very popular slip-back design, which makes the whole car look sporty.


  The interior design of   bZ4X will be extremely avant-garde. The special-shaped steering wheel alone is sci-fi enough. The interior design is also very concise. Both the instrument panel and the central control screen adopt a floating design, which looks equally technological.


  In terms of space and configuration, bZ4X comes from a brand-new EV dedicated platform, which achieves a short front overhang and a long wheelbase, which can bring a unique appearance to the driver and passengers and an interior space that is the same as that of a D-class car. . In addition, while effectively using energy recovery, bZ4X will install a solar charging system that can flexibly charge when parking, further enhancing the environmental advantages of EV vehicles.


  Toyota does not have many pure electric vehicles at present. I believe that the bZ4X, which is based on a new platform and positioned as a compact SUV, will not be outrageously priced after being launched in 2022. It is expected that it will still compete mainly in the 200,000-300,000 range.


  A bold attempt by traditional car companies to dominate new forces: Zhiji Auto L7


  Many people are very unfamiliar with Zhiji, because its establishment time is indeed very short. The brand release was completed on January 13 this year, and it has only been 4 months since its birth. However, the Zhiji car brand is not a "pure" new force in car-making. It has a very strong background (led by SAIC, jointly created by Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba Group), otherwise it would not be possible to complete it in such a short time. The miracle of "building a car at the speed of light". It can be said that Zhiji Auto is the most unique among the new forces. It was born out of traditional car companies, and it is blessed by Internet companies, and several major shareholders have very strong strengths. It is not difficult to explain why it can be so fast. The growth and advancement.


  At this auto show, Zhiji Automobile officially released the "Angel Wheel Edition" model of the luxury pure electric smart car Zhiji L7, with a pre-sale price of 408,800 yuan. And during the exhibition, Zhiji L7 has officially accepted pre-orders and is expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2022. Although its price has exceeded the price range of the models listed in this article, due to the particularity of its brand and being the "home player" of this Shanghai Auto Show, Che Yunjun introduced it to readers in a special way.


  As the brand's first mass-produced product, the overall design of Zhiji L7 conforms to the mainstream aesthetics of new energy vehicles in the current market. The front face is closed-style like most new energy vehicles, and the headlights are sharp, and its design comes from characters. "∑" is full of momentum compared to the front face of science fiction.


  The new car is positioned as a medium and large pure electric flagship sedan, with a length, width and height of 5098mm/1960mm/1482mm, and a wheelbase of 3100mm. The car uses a blackened glass roof, and the roof is equipped with high-definition video recording equipment to assist high-level autonomous driving. In addition, designs such as borderless doors and hidden door handles have also appeared.


  The biggest highlight of    is the penetrating tail light, which is equipped with a smart lighting system that can display customized content. And the overall line from the body to the rear of the car has obvious coupe characteristics, full of sportiness, and the design of the taillights and the line of the tail, which echoes the front face from the rear, is full of science fiction.


  In terms of power and endurance, the total power of the Zhiji L7 motor is 400kW, the total torque is 700N·m, and the acceleration time from 100 kilometers is 3.9 seconds. The car uses a 93kWh battery pack with an energy density of up to 300wh/kg and a CLTC cruising range of up to 655km. In addition, Zhiji L7 will also be equipped with 11kW wireless charging technology.




  How long can Tesla's domestic glory last? Che Yunjun can't answer this question. But from the current point of view, a number of new forces have not been able to shake Tesla's sales before taking turns on the stage. The fundamental reason is that Tesla still has its own advantages in core technology: the three-electric system.


  But fortunately, we have seen the models that come forward and want to fight Tesla, and they have begun to shake Tesla's position, and consumers have more good choices. Regardless of the outcome, this battle is bound to promote the overall development of the new energy field, and it is beneficial and harmless to consumers and the market. After all, for today, new energy vehicles are still very young, and there is still a long way to go in the future. Regardless of whether the siege of Tesla is successful, consumers will buy better products in the future. This is the most important thing for healthy competition.


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