Ministry of Commerce: Second-hand car export is still in its infancy, with great development potential

publish_time: 2021.04.02

  "my country's second-hand car export is still in its infancy, and the future development potential is huge." Yesterday, Gao Feng, deputy director of the General Office of the Ministry of Commerce and spokesman, said when answering reporters' questions at a regular press conference.


  Gao Feng, deputy director and spokesperson of the General Office of the Ministry of Commerce


  Gao Feng said that expanding the export of second-hand cars is an important way to promote the upgrading of domestic automobile consumption and promote the smooth domestic and international double cycle of the automobile industry. Since 2019, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Public Security, the General Administration of Customs and other departments have successively promoted and supported 30 regions to carry out second-hand car export business and achieved positive results.


  Recently, the Ministry of Commerce publicly solicited opinions on two industry standards including the "Quality Standards for Second-hand Passenger Vehicle Exports". Gao Feng believes that the establishment of quality standards for second-hand car exports is mainly to solve the difficulties in the international circulation of automobiles. On the one hand, it regulates the export order of second-hand cars, and on the other hand, it ensures the quality of products and provides foreign consumers with more assured products. Quality standards will promote the more sustainable development of my country’s second-hand car exports and contribute to the stabilization of foreign trade. At the same time, it will also help expand the overseas market holdings of Chinese auto products, enhance brand awareness, enhance international competitiveness, and promote high-quality trade. development of.


  Gao Feng pointed out that my country's second-hand car exports have great potential for development in the future, mainly due to the following advantages: First, sufficient car sources and complete categories. my country has become the world’s largest car ownership country, with car ownership reaching 280 million in 2020; according to statistics from the China Automobile Dealers Association, the transaction volume of second-hand cars in my country will reach 14.34 million in 2020, providing ample supply for second-hand car exports . Second, my country's second-hand cars are relatively cost-effective and have relatively strong international competitiveness. Many second-hand cars with good car conditions and low prices are welcomed in the market of developing countries. The third is that my country's automobile production and export business enterprises have established a better international marketing service network around the world, which can provide foreign consumers with a more comprehensive all-round service.


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