The strongest production version of Octavia in the history of test drive, independent rear suspension, configuration upgrade

publish_time: 2021.04.02

      Generally speaking, joint-venture car brands want to expand in the domestic market. The first models brought into the country are generally B-class cars that are well-received around the world to build their brands and enhance their image. Then there are A-class cars and A0-class cars, pure traffic. Of course, there are exceptions, all of which have their own considerations, and SAIC Skoda is one of them. The first model introduced to China is Octavia (Picture|Configuration|Inquiry), with distinctive features, especially the hatchback tailgate. However, due to the serious homogeneity with Volkswagen brand models, sales have been unsatisfactory. This time, the brand-new Octavia PRO, which has undergone a complete renewal, is making a comeback, vowing to regain lost ground. This is the protagonist of our test drive today.


  From the front look, the new Octavia PRO still retains a little family design elements, especially the polygonal chrome-plated mesh and the ribs on the left and right sides of the hood LOGO are particularly obvious. As for whether this is a legacy or a tribute, it depends on how you understand it.


  If I look at it from another angle, I have a different view. The wide side of this chrome-plated net also has a bevel, which complements the angular LED headlights, which is much pleasing to the eye. With the RS sports style personality kit from Europe, a strong sports fan is coming.


  The origin of the name of the new Octavia PRO can be seen from the side. Its body size is a full circle larger than the overseas version. The length, width and height are 4753, 1832 and 1469mm respectively, and the wheelbase has reached 2730mm; each is longer than the overseas version. It is 64, 3, 14, 44mm. This is not the point. The point is the surprisingly coordinated body proportions of the new Octavia PRO, creating a forward attitude as a whole. Among them, the waist line connecting the front and rear taillights, the duck tail design and the petal-shaped wheel hub contribute a lot.


  The most outstanding part of the tail design is the slightly upturned duck tail. It can also be matched with the RS-style rear diffuser at the bottom to increase the downforce during high-speed driving. The chrome exhausts on the left and right sides are true or false. You can guess it and tell me in the comments.


  Entering the car, you can find that the interior of the new Octavia PRO is indeed a big change, especially the details. The RS three-spoke sports steering wheel feels great, and the damping of the multi-function buttons on it can also satisfy me. 10.3-inch FPK digital LCD instrument and 12.1-inch multi-touch LCD central control screen are the current mainstream configurations. I didn't think it was too awesome to have it, but it is absolutely impossible to not have it.


  The central control screen integrates multimedia, Top View 360° panoramic image, navigation, air conditioning and other functions. Perhaps considering that switching interfaces on the screen while driving, adjusting the volume and temperature is a bit cumbersome, which may cause safety hazards. The new Octavia PRO is equipped with six buttons at the bottom of the central control screen, which can quickly adjust the volume and the temperature of the partitioned air conditioner. Of course, you can also turn on the voice dialogue function, the initial code is "Hello, Skoda", let the car help you adjust. If you hit two o'clock, you can also modify the activation code to "Jarvis", "Tiga Transformation" and so on, whatever you want.


  Below the center console is a storage area for mobile phones, with wireless charging function, and two different specifications of USB ports, which are currently the mainstream configuration.


  Next, let’s talk about the details. The new Octavia PRO has several designs that I particularly like. One is that the chrome-plated door handle of the front door has specially enlarged the groove, which is very convenient to open the door. It does not need to be specially pulled, and the hand will not rub against the inside of the door.


  When any car door is opened, the breathing light on the inside of the door handle will light up. It is not particularly bright, but it is enough to be seen at a glance at night to improve convenience.


  There are not only air-conditioning vents and sundries slots in the rear, but also two USB ports of different specifications. Coupled with enough leg and head space in the rear, long distances should be more comfortable.


  The gears use electronic button type, you need to get used to it, but it is also convenient to cooperate with the AUTO HOLD function and does not need to be switched frequently.


  The trunk retains the hatchback opening design, which can easily put large items into it, and adds a one-key closing function, which is very friendly to women. This should be praised. There is a vest bag hook on the right side, which is also more intimate. Even if you buy meat at the vegetable market, you just need to make sure that the bag is not broken and hung. There is no need to worry about the carpet being dirty or the items scattered.


  In terms of power, the new Octavia PRO is equipped with a 1.4TSI high-power engine as standard. There is not much to say about this. Everyone knows the "routine" of the Volkswagen series.


  During the test drive, the new Octavia PRO still brought me a lot of surprises. Regardless of the 1.4TSI engine and DSG power output, the rear multi-link independent suspension does add a lot of points, and the shock absorption effect when walking on potholes is much stronger. From the point of view of control alone, it can be used with Sagitar.


  In addition, because the new Octavia PRO is built on the new eighth-generation sedan platform of the Volkswagen Group, and is supported by the latest digital architecture platform (compared to the previous generation platform by 4 times), the entire car is equipped with 15 ultrasonic, millimeter Wave radar and 5 cameras, Volkswagen 3.0 intelligent scene driving assistance system is even more powerful. As for whether it is L2 or L2+, I don't care, anyway, it can't really be unmanned. But there is still a lot of usefulness. I have a very intuitive understanding of its communication speed during the test drive: after driving through an intersection, the camera will immediately capture the speed limit sign on the road ahead, and it will be displayed on the dashboard immediately. The alert tone is a bit noisy, but at any rate it can prevent deductions for speeding. After all, with too many probes on the road nowadays, driving is getting harder and harder.


  Test drive summary:


  In general, this should be the strongest mass-produced Octavia in history. Except for those family design elements, it is difficult to associate it with the Skoda Octavia in our original concept. In view of the fact that the price has not yet come out, it is difficult to estimate the price-performance ratio. It stands to reason that the price of Octavia will not be higher than that of Lavida. You can refer to it.


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