Build a satellite! The Geely Satellite Factory is approved, with an annual output of more than 500 satellites!

publish_time: 2021.02.22

          Recently, it has been learned from relevant channels that the satellite factory of Geely Technology Group-Taizhou Xingkong Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained the approval of the commercial satellite manufacturing project approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. It will be the first domestic commercial company to integrate aerospace manufacturing and automotive A commercial satellite production plant with manufacturing capacity was put into production.


         In fact, there was gossip about Geely’s plan to build satellites as early as March last year. Until December of last year, when the first equipment of the Starlink Satellite Factory came in, Geely’s plan to build satellites was a real hammer. It is reported that the plant is expected to be officially put into operation in October this year, with an annual output of more than 500 pieces.


         According to relevant data, the Taizhou Xingkong Zhilian Satellite Test Center project is located in the Xinwan District of Taizhou. It is a domestic harvesting pulsating modular satellite intelligent AIT center and the first domestic satellite mass production factory that deeply integrates aerospace satellite manufacturing and automobile manufacturing capabilities. Its scope covers satellite research and development, core component manufacturing, measurement and control, aerospace materials, cloud computing materials, etc.


       In addition, according to the plan of the project commander, after the project is completed, it will not only have satellite production capacity, but also establish a satellite data operation center and a satellite measurement and control center to realize the data processing, analysis, management and constellation control of the company’s satellites in orbit. , Orbit forecast, satellite status monitoring and health status diagnosis capabilities.


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