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publish_time: 2021.01.29

                             Zhejiang Ruifeng EFI System Co., Ltd.

                                                Founded in 1989

Specializing in the production of electric fuel pumps, fuel pump assemblies, filters and other accessories


           Zhejiang Ruifeng EFI System Co., Ltd. has a plant area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters and more than 300 employees, including more than 30 technical research and development personnel. In order to meet the needs of the company's continuous development, the company has introduced a series of advanced equipment such as the American Haas CNC lathe, the Japanese DSK automatic balancing machine, the Korean AM high-precision grinding machine, and the Taiwan automatic DC stabilized welding machine.


      The company passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification in 1995 and the TS16949 certification in 2011, and strictly implements the quality control system throughout the production process. It is matched with many domestic automobile manufacturers, and the products are exported to Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and are well received by users.

            Ruifeng's operating philosophy: safety, quality and efficiency.

Ruifeng strictly implements the ISO20000 quality management system standard, and audits the production and quality control in several stages every year. Every detail of the quality process management is injected with the high sense of responsibility and great patience of the Ruifeng people.

  Ruifeng company has the most advanced testing equipment, the world's most advanced micro-touch induction three-coordinate digital measuring set, spectral material analyzer, ultra-low temperature detection system, material performance analyzer, oil pump testing device, and ultrasonic non-destructive Testing equipment

In addition to standard tests, Ruifeng also conducts stress test test analysis and material test and analysis under different temperatures and pressures for products. Each Ruifeng product is fully tested to ensure excellent performance and longevity.

              The elite team is a powerful guarantee for the continuous growth of Ruifeng's industry leadership.

      Ruifeng Company is cultivating and bringing up first-class professionals in various fields at all times. Ruifeng has always followed the human resource management thought of "people-oriented, respecting human nature, collective struggle", knowing how to make good use of it, and establishing an incentive mechanism to give individuals enough space for development, so that everyone in the company can devote themselves to their ambitions and do their best. only.

Ruifeng believes that a successful team and organization is by no means a simple collaborative work, nor is it an outstanding performance of someone or a certain department. The success of Ruifeng is the pursuit of the common cause of all members, the accumulation of spiritual tacit cooperation and wisdom, and the condensing of the collective strength of the team. Ruifeng firmly believes that in any enterprise or organization, talents will always be the foundation of sustainable development and permanent operation, and the source of success. An excellent team of talents is a powerful guarantee that Ruifeng is ahead of its peers and continues to grow.

Employees are Ruifeng’s most precious resource. Ruifeng uses continuous training and education to continuously endow superior skills and perseverance to our employees. The competitiveness and technical level of engineers and technicians in all positions in Ruifeng have always been in the industry. First class inside.

        Ruifeng's hard power guarantees customer delivery commitments

As a company facing the rapidly expanding market, Ruifeng responds quickly and satisfies the demand of users for delivery. Ruifeng's 2000 square assembly center joins 20 million yuan of parts and components, which strictly guarantees Ruifeng's delivery to customers. committed to.

Our assembly center has a leading control valve equipment assembly line and skilled engineers and technicians. Every engineer and technician continues to receive strict training. The strict training standards can fully meet your expectations of Ruifeng Company.


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