Polestar Chengdu production base: the future of Xingqi sustainable manufacturing

publish_time: 2021.01.27

    Polestar Chengdu production base is equipped with the most advanced production facilities and produces Polestar 1. Polestar will lead the industry towards a more sustainable future.


    Polestar Chengdu production base is the only automobile factory in China that has obtained LEED gold certification from the global green building evaluation system, which makes it one of the most environmentally friendly automobile factories in China. The global green building evaluation system LEED is mainly used to evaluate the environmental impact of building design, construction and use.


    Polestar Chengdu production base is carefully built by the well-known Norwegian architecture and design firm "Snohta", which integrates high-level automobile manufacturing, energy-saving and environmentally friendly buildings, efficient land use, and employee well-being. After signing a new supply contract, Polestar Chengdu production base has used 100% renewable electricity. Currently, 65% of Polestar’s electricity supply is hydropower, and the rest comes from solar, wind and other renewable energy sources. This is one of the latest concrete steps taken by Polestar to achieve its climate neutral goal. In addition, Polestar Chengdu production base has no industrial wastewater discharge, and is implementing a recycling method to treat waste, including recycling its waste carbon fiber materials and reducing landfill waste.

    Polestar Chengdu production base reflects the sense of social responsibility by being a responsible employer and protecting the environment around the factory from pollution. Polestar Chengdu production base is a very inclusive workplace, which provides employees with the best working conditions so that they can fully display their talents. The base has excellent indoor air quality and lighting conditions, and minimizes noise. At the same time, it also regularly provides sustainable development lectures for Polestar employees and their families, which improves the environmental awareness of local community residents.


    Both inside and outside the building of Polestar Chengdu production base provide space for people to talk, to encourage spontaneous interdisciplinary cooperation and social participation, while making full use of the green space around the building. This approach not only promotes the interaction of cross-functional departments, but also effectively promotes innovation and development through cross-departmental information and creative sharing.

    Fredrik Klarén, Sustainability Officer of Polestar, said: “For Polestar, sustainable development is not only about electric drive systems, it also affects everything we do. We hope Continue to promote sustainable manufacturing in China. In order to achieve this goal, we need to persevere in pursuing recycling and climate-neutral solutions, while also becoming a responsible employer and conscientious company in the region."


    Polestar’s Chengdu production base embodies Polestar’s vision to become a mature and exemplary car manufacturer and demonstrates how to lead the development path of sustainable manufacturing in China.


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