Focus on lightweight technology research and development, Jaguar Land Rover accelerates green travel

publish_time: 2021.01.27

    British luxury car company Jaguar Land Rover is studying the lightweight of composite materials, creating a pure electric vehicle with longer zero-emission cruising range and more powerful performance to accelerate the promotion of electric travel.

    Tucana is a four-year joint research project initiated by Jaguar Land Rover, bringing in many leading academic and industry partners around the world, including Warwick University School of Manufacturing Engineering (WMG), focusing on British aviation, automotive industry and government The Center for Modeling and Simulation (CFMS) of non-profit organizations that cooperate with each other The project aims to promote the UK to become a global leader in low-carbon technology and reduce 4.5 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions from 2023 to 2032. Specific measures include accelerating the popularization of electric vehicles, building lightweight vehicles, reducing vehicle exhaust emissions and reducing electrification Power system energy consumption, etc.


    This research project will help Jaguar Land Rover develop lightweight vehicles and powertrain structures. New composite materials will replace aluminum and steel because they can meet the need for higher performance battery torque. This will not only improve efficiency, but also Reduce the impact of carbon dioxide emissions.

    Jaguar Land Rover’s goal is to further optimize the crash safety structure by using customized composite materials such as carbon fiber to achieve a 30% increase in body rigidity and a weight reduction of 35 kg, so as to carry a longer cruising range without affecting carbon emissions. Large capacity battery. According to the current plan, the Tucana prototype test vehicle will be developed in 2022.

    Jaguar Land Rover R&D Manager Marcus Henry said: "The lightweight research of automobile body structure and the promotion of zero-emission powertrain complement each other. It is an important part of Jaguar Land Rover's continued promotion of electrification. Through the wider application of technology, this project will truly realize electric vehicles. The environmental value of the world, and promotes Jaguar Land Rover and the British supply chain system to be a world leader in low-carbon technology."

    Jaguar Land Rover has been committed to achieving the "Destination Zero" corporate vision of zero emissions, zero accidents and zero congestion through unremitting innovation. Accelerating the electrification of products is an important part of this corporate vision. Starting in 2020, all new Jaguar Land Rover models will begin to provide new energy versions, including pure electric, plug-in hybrid and mild hybrid models. In the current 13 product series, Jaguar Land Rover has 8 plug-in hybrid models, 11 models equipped with light hybrid technology and 1 pure electric SUV Jaguar I-PACE. In China, Jaguar Land Rover also has a complete layout of new energy products. The launch of the first domestically produced new energy model, the new Land Rover Discovery Sport P300e plug-in hybrid model, has officially started the journey of local electrification.


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