Cyrus SF5 Free Expedition Edition equipped with Huawei drive system is launched, focusing on young consumers

publish_time: 2021.01.26

    On January 25, the 2021 Cyrus STC Technology Conference was held online and released the second-generation extended range system integrating Huawei DriveONE three-in-one drive system. At the same time, the Cyrus SF5 Free Expedition Edition model was also announced to be officially launched.


    Cyrus joins Huawei to develop new energy vehicle market

    In January 2016, Cyrus's Silicon Valley R&D Center in the United States was established and started independent research and development of technology. At most more than 500 technical employees are building technologies and products; in April 2017, Cyrus obtained a California autonomous driving license and joined the United States. The University of Michigan established the Intelligent Driving Research Center; in September 2018, Cyrus became the 9th manufacturer with “dual qualifications” from the Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and officially obtained the qualification for the production of pure electric passenger vehicles; in April 2019, Cyrus The Chongqing Liangjiang Smart Factory built in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards was successfully put into production; in 2020, Cyrus completed the directional delivery of Cyrus SF5 under extreme test conditions such as high cold, high temperature and plateau.

    In the past five years, Celes has taken full-time electric as its core technology development path, and realized the closed-loop construction of the entire industrial chain from Silicon Valley R&D to Chinese manufacturing, and finally global sales. Through the technology route of extended range + pure electricity shared platform, Solve users' core demands for battery life and driving experience.

    Mileage anxiety is a common problem among users of new energy vehicles, and the extended range system is one of the solutions adopted by many manufacturers. Cyrus and Huawei have developed a new set of intelligent extended range system-Hump intelligent extended range system. The SF5 Free Expedition Edition is equipped with Huawei DriveONE three-in-one electric drive for the first time, which is matched with the Cyrus SEP200 high-efficiency motor. The high-efficiency second-generation range extender has reduced fuel consumption by 35% compared to gasoline vehicles of the same level and 30% compared with plug-in hybrid models of the same level, thereby achieving a comprehensive operating range of 1,000 kilometers +.

    In fact, Cyrus and Huawei have been cooperating for more than two years. At present, in addition to cooperation in the field of "three powers", there is close exchange and cooperation in the fields of smart cockpit and smart driving. The original intention of the cooperation is to solve the problem. The user’s driving experience. Cyrus CEO Yu Haikun emphasized when introducing the cooperation with Huawei to Yiou Motors, "Because both Cyrus and Huawei are technically controlled and pragmatic, they output each other in the process of cooperation, and the cooperation is becoming more and more tacit. It involves multiple fields such as motors, electric drives, control software, control strategies, and hardware integration."

    SF5 Free Expedition Edition technology is added, focusing on young consumers

    In terms of the specific technical route, Cyrus puts program extension as the focus of its efforts. Since the launch of the SF5 high-performance version in June 2020, the domestic debut of the SF5 model. The Cyrus SF5 Free Expedition Edition launched this time is the first landing product of the Hump Intelligent Extended Range System. The Cyrus SF5 Free Expedition Edition takes into account the four major advantages of long battery life, low energy consumption, high performance, and low noise. Inheriting the sporting genes of the Cyrus brand, the overall power of the vehicle has reached 405kW torque, the maximum torque has also reached 820N·m, and it can accelerate from 100 kilometers in 4 seconds. Its NEDC comprehensive endurance can exceed 1,000 kilometers, and on this basis, comprehensive fuel consumption is also significantly reduced.

    Cyrus SF5 Free Expedition Edition has higher industry standard features than the SF5 high-performance version listed earlier, such as HUD head-up display, 12.3-inch full LCD instrument, and 17-inch central control touch screen composed of interactive triple screen. With L2+ level intelligent driving function, Cyrus COO Liang Qijun mentioned to Yiou Automobile, "Our supplier system is mainly based on joint ventures or imports, guaranteeing the high quality of products from the source. And we have realized the realization of the smart factory built in accordance with Industry 4.0 standards. 100% automation, including stamping 100% automation, welding 100% automation, painting 100% automation, and the painting workshop uses the world’s most advanced robotic arm, we use a Porsche Macan-like aluminum alloy chassis, four-ball joint double fork Front arm type independent suspension and trapezoidal arm multi-link rear independent suspension".


    Another important aspect of the SF5 Free Expedition Edition is that it is equipped with V2V and V2L technologies, which are currently unique to Cyrus. V2V, that is, car-to-car DC charging. When traveling long distances or camping outside, the Cyrus SF5 Free Expedition Edition can charge other vehicles, which is equivalent to a mobile charging pile; and the V2L function can output 3.3kW of electricity for Use for camping, hot pot, and skewers. The application of this technology can meet the needs of users in multiple scenarios to a greater extent.

    In terms of the target population, the service groups of Cyrus SF5 Free Expedition Edition are mainly divided into two categories. The first category is the first or second life car for young families; the second category is to buy in the next 3-5 years. Young customers of the Z era of the car.

    The future of Cyrus

    "In the future, Cyrus will create brand-new products, technologies and business models. It is expected to achieve high integration, EV all-in-one, EVR all-in-one, high voltage 800V, fast charging for 15 minutes, silicon carbide, and battery charging in 2022. The time went from 45 minutes to 15 minutes, and achieved multiple goals such as zero burning of the battery pack." Sai Lisi CEO Yu Haikun said frankly to Yiou Automobile. It also stated, “In terms of the sales model, Celes will build a series of directly-operated experience stores. It plans to open 100 stores in the first quarter of 2021 and complete the goal of 200 stores throughout the year. By opening up online and offline traffic channels, expand traffic openings. , To get more customer leads and let more users test drive experience."

    With the further increase in the penetration rate of the new energy vehicle market, users’ acceptance of new energy vehicles is getting higher and higher. Of course, users’ requirements for new energy vehicle products, technologies, and scenarios will also become higher and higher. Whether the new SF5 Free Expedition Edition of the Hump Intelligent Extended Range System can help Cyrus set sail again, whether it can occupy its own place among 95% of gasoline vehicle users and 5% of new energy users, I believe time will give the answer.


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