CES 2021 | RoboSense mass production version of automotive-grade MEMS solid-state lidar arrives

publish_time: 2021.01.12

    For 4 years, RoboSense has released and demonstrated the latest version of automotive-grade MEMS solid-state lidar at CES in Las Vegas every year.


    And this year, Sagitar Juchuang will show the mass-produced version of the latest automotive-grade high-performance MEMS solid-state lidar RS-LiDAR-M1 at CES2021. The thickness and power consumption are reduced again, and the ranging capability reaches 150m@10%, with a resolution With an average of 0.2°x0.2°, it has both anti-glare interference and anti-multiple radar interference capabilities, and has complete functions such as cleaning, joining, and performance diagnosis.

    Beginning in July last year, M1 has successively won a number of fixed-point cooperation orders for mass-produced models worldwide. The first fixed-point is from a North American car company. The radar was shipped in batches in December last year, becoming the world's first mass-delivered automotive-grade MEMS solid state Lidar.


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