Lynk & Co auto sales in December increased 130% year on year sales over 170,000

publish_time: 2021.01.08

        Lynk & Co. announced its sales in 2020, with cumulative sales exceeding 170,000.

       On January 7, Lynk & Co announced its December 2020 sales. Data show that Lynk & Co achieved monthly sales of 24,853 units in December, an increase of approximately 130% year-on-year and an increase of approximately 9% month-on-month. From January to December 2020, Lynk & Co achieved sales of 175,456 units, a year-on-year increase of approximately 37%.


        The data also shows that the cumulative sales of Lynk & Co brand reached 429,948 units.

        The official Lynk & Co brand stated that since its inception, Lynk & Co has taken "users" as the forerunner of all decision-making, and has always adhered to user thinking to drive the comprehensive development of technology, products, brand building, user services, and innovative marketing to build the brand. The unique tonality.

        According to data, among Lynk&Co's 420,000 car owners, the post-90s users accounted for 40%, and the post-85s+90s users accounted for more than two-thirds.

       Most of Lynk & Co's user groups grew up in the Internet era, which determines the way of thinking Lynk & Co needs in the brand building process. Including the official Lynk & Co club of Co:Club, which aims to build a co-creation and shared user ecosystem, currently has more than 1.13 million fans. The number of registered users of Lynk & Co's APP has exceeded 1.18 million, and monthly active users have exceeded 610,000.

According to the big data of Lynk&Co's intelligent interaction, the number of interactions between each Lynk&Co vehicle owner and the in-vehicle intelligent assistant, as well as the online time of the intelligent network connection system, continue to increase.

        2020 is the "year of architecture" for Lynk & Co. With the deepening of the integration of global resources, including the CMA basic module architecture bred jointly with Volvo or the SEA vast intelligent evolution experience architecture, both have taken the lead in the product development of Lynk & Co.

        In 2021, Lynk & Co's first smart electric vehicle, ZEROconcept, will be mass-produced and will showcase the breakthrough of the vast architecture on the future travel experience in terms of intelligence, performance and full luxury experience. The first Lynk & Co model built on the SPA platform will also be put on the market, representing Lynk & Co's continuous advancement of high-end.

       In addition, Lynk & Co also stated that in 2021, it will achieve a high degree of automatic driving on structured roads and continue to promote the automated driving process.


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