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  Ruian Xiongda Vehicle Parts Co. , Ltd. is located in the country's largest production base for automobile and motorcycle Tangxia.Founded in the 1990s, is a set design, development, production, testing one in the modernization of automotive components manufacturers, specializing in the production of auto parts: auto tensioner pulley, tensioner products.

  After many years of creative and enterprising, the company has successfully established a nationwide sales network, and ahead of schedule to open in the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and Europe and other markets of vision.

  In the new century, the company in the efforts of all staff, continue to promote unity, hard work, efficiency, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, adhere to quality-oriented, determined to make progress, excellence, a first-class brand of the enterprise purpose, to never meet, perseverance the initiative, strive to create more customer satisfaction and smile


Contact: 陈孝土

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Address: No.77, Zhongye Road, Zhongcun Industrial Zone, Zhaopingyang, Rui'an City

Website: http://www.wzxiongda.com/