The power of industry inclusiveness
  Fully promote the upgrading of the auto parts industry!
  Gather the power of industry integration to comprehensively promote the upgrading of the auto parts industry
  In order to fully implement the strategic deployment of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government on cultivating and developing modern industrial clusters, actively respond to Wenzhou’s traditional manufacturing remodeling plan, accelerate the cultivation of Wenzhou’s modern industrial system, and promote the specialization, high-end, intelligent, and In the process of international development, it is decided to hold the "2021 China (Wenzhou) Auto and Motorcycle Parts Industry Expo" (referred to as "Auto Parts Exhibition") at the Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on September 24-26, 2021.
  The Auto Parts Exhibition is rooted in Wenzhou, the capital of China's auto and motorcycle parts. It has a solid industrial foundation and business advantages. The exhibition aims at "cultivating regional brands, strengthening technology docking, and optimizing regional cooperation", and is formed with domestic and foreign auto and motorcycle parts exhibitions. Differentiation is the positioning, to help companies understand the latest development direction of the automobile industry, to promote the cooperation and docking of the national auto and motorcycle parts enterprises, especially the enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta, to promote the integration of supporting cooperation and industrial chain expansion, to realize the linkage of exhibition trade and inspection factories, and to create an international , A professional trade platform for experience exchange, technical cooperation and negotiation and docking between domestic and Yangtze River Delta industrial chains.


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