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Company Profile

  Wenzhou Fonan Automotive Electronics was established in 2008 in China, as a manufacturer of automotive sensors for research and development. Since 2001, FONAN is focused on the development of auto sensors and automotive components for aftermarket.
  In 2008, Fonan has made the decision to launch manufacturing of auto sensors for overseas market. All of products are manufactured according to the standards, specified by OEM with ISO approval.
  Professional, high-quality, strict quality control has always been the important instructions for Fonan.
  Today Fonan’s products include MAP sensors, Crankshaft / Camshaft sensors, Knock sensors, TPS sensors, Speed sensors, A/C Pressure sensors and all kinds of high quality engine parts, and is available for the clients worldwide.


Contact: 刘丰俊

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Address: No. 131, liming street, Dai Li, Haicheng street, Wenzhou economic and Technological Development Zone

Website: http://www.cnfonan.cn